Ogni soggetto, ad esclusione dei pazienti, che accede alla struttura è tenuto a possedere e ad esibire il GREEN PASS in corso di validità.
Ogni soggetto, ad esclusione dei pazienti, che accede alla struttura è tenuto a possedere e ad esibire il GREEN PASS in corso di validità.

Admission information

The structures of the Ospedali Privati ​​Riuniti Group – United Private Hospitals – the Villa Regina Accredited Private Hospital and the Nigrisoli Accredited Private Hospital – offer people in-depth care and assistance, always characterized by the highest quality standards.
Find all the useful information on hospital admissions below.


Methods of hospitalization

There are two types of hospitalization:
Accreditation with the National Health Service, for which the patient does not have to pay anything, except for “ticket” expenses and hotel comforts possibly required during the stay
Paying, which involves the patient’s acceptance of hospital fees or rates agreed upon through insurance agreements

Surgery pre-operative arrangements

The hospital arrangements for patients undergoing surgery begins with the specialist visit of the Surgeon during which they prescribe pre-operative examinations and provide access to them.
The day of access to the examinations is scheduled according to the anesthesiology visit necessary to evaluate the outcome of the examinations. The surgical procedure proposed by the Surgeon must be confirmed providing any indications in view of the intervention.
Patients from other regions, if unable to carry out the examinations scheduled prior to hospitalization and in agreement with the Surgeon’s Medical Practice, may make inquiries in the early stages of the hospitalization.

Acceptance for hospitalization

Acceptance for hospitalization occurs as a result of a reservation granted to the patient by the Hospital Doctor with details of the day and time of the hospitalization. There is a front desk staff who, on the pre-arranged day for hospitalization, will assist the patient and family members by communicating all the information necessary for their acceptance.
The following documents are required for admission:
Valid identity card
Health insurance card
Basic General Practitioner’s request to the SSR (Regional Sanitary Service) in standard form
Clinical documentation related to the previous six months and covering housings, slabs, instrumental exams and pharmacological therapies.
If necessary, the patient can apply for the certificate of admission by contacting the Recruitment Office at the time of acceptance.


Patients’ visits and talks with the medical team

Patients’ visits may occur every day according to the following timetable:
• from 7 am to 8.30 am at both hospitals
• from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm at both hospitals
• from 17:00 to 20:00 at Nigrisoli Hospital
• from 17.30 to 20 at Villa Regina Hospital


Appeal to the Head Nurse

The Head Nurse is at the disposal of family members for obtaining both day and night care outside visiting times, as well as meeting any requests for information.


Appeal to the Medical and Surgical Teams

The Chief and the medical staff of Medicine and Rehabilitation are available every day from 12.00 to 13.00 to meet the requests for information from patients hospitalized within the medical precincts. The Head Nurse arranges appointments with the Surgeon’s Medical Center according to the needs of patients in the surgical area.



Discharge occurs after a professional examination, at the end of which the doctor gives the patient the resignation letter to be handed over to the General Practitioner informing him/her of the hospital procedures: diagnosis, clinical examination, illness course, possible therapies at home. The nurse discharge letter will follow for further information on how to carry on medical care. In the event of discharge after surgery some appointments will be fixed for checkups and medications. Finally, for residents in the Province of Bologna , in the event of predictable clinical and/or assistance difficulties for patients once they have been discharged, the rescue procedures agreed upon with the Local Health Care Unit of Bologna will be activated.


Payment Methods

Payments are completed exclusively at the Hospital Cash Desk and can be made in cash (up to legal limit) or by cash card, credit card, check or bank transfer.


Copy of the Clinical Folder

A copy of the Clinical Folder can only be issued following a formal written request sent or given to the Office of the Hospital and after the payment made at the time of the request. The delivery of clinical records will take place within 20 days from the date of request, and the collection is reserved to the involved person or to a person formally delegated showing their identity card. In the event of special needs, you may be required to receive a copy of the clinical record by mail. In urgent cases, a copy of the clinical records will be provided within five days from the date of request: in order to obtain it, you must submit a “written request stating the reason for the urgency”, signed by your GP or hospital specialist.