Ogni soggetto, ad esclusione dei pazienti, che accede alla struttura è tenuto a possedere e ad esibire il GREEN PASS in corso di validità.
Ogni soggetto, ad esclusione dei pazienti, che accede alla struttura è tenuto a possedere e ad esibire il GREEN PASS in corso di validità.


Since 2001, the Nigrisoli Accredited Private Hospital has been awarded the Quality System Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001, registration No.2262-A. As a customer guarantee, our organization is subject to annual surveillance audits with Certification renewal every three years

The Quality Policy for Collected Private Hospitals can be consulted in this document.


General and structural quality standards

Presence of one, two or three bed rooms• 13 rooms have 1 bed
• 49 rooms have 2 beds
• 3 rooms have 3 beds
Other guest rooms. Rooms for day service outpatient after outpatient surgery
Possibility of television and telephone
100% of the rooms
Adjustable conditioning system100% of the rooms and common areas
Presence of baths for disabled patientsone per floor
Type of beds for patients100% twisted / articulated beds and presence of electric beds for patients with movement difficulty
Other common areas and services• Garden with parking
• Chapel for religious services
• Bars with newspapers and magazines
• Hot and cold drink dispensers in each hospital floor


 Quality perceived by hospitalized patients

Results 2015 Medical Area departments.
Results 2015 Surgical area departments
Information received from medical personnel on the state of health and the treatments to which the patient was subjected99,25% 99,69%
Medical staff availability to listen to patient requests98,85% 99,04%
Kindness and courtesy of staff98,47% 98,12%
Protection and respect of privacy 98,34% 98,84%
Room Cleaning 96,42% 98,42%
Room Comfort (furnishings, tranquility, safe, TV, etc ...)96,81% 98,55%


Quality perceived by outpatients

 Results 2017 Outpatient users Results 2017 Image diagnostic users
Information received from staff at booking98,9%100%
Medical staff availability to listen to patient requests 99,1% 100%
Treatment received by medical personnel 99,7% 100%
Room Cleaning where the user was housed99,7% 100%
Protection and respect of privacy99,4% 99,1%


The submission of complaints and reports of disservice

All Hospital staff are responsible for collecting and managing any problem encountered by our hosts, whether it is expressed to individual operators (in this case, we call it disservice) or when the user intends to do a more formal act by activating the complaints procedure.

The person who intends to file a complaint or report a disservice can:

  • report the disappointment by telephone or personally to: Head nurse for Inpatients, Nursing Outpatient clinic Assistant, Concierge and Reception Staff for Administrative Services
  • ask the Heads of departments or departments to receive an interview with the Health Directorate to file a complaint
  • send a simple letter of complaint to the Health Care Department of the Accredited Private Nigrisoli Hospital, Viale Ercolani n.9, 40138 Bologna or by mail to: direzione.sanitaria@nigrisoli.it.

Written and verbal or telephone complaints registered by the operators on a special form are sent to the Health Manager who manages them directly. The Health Director will provide an immediate response during the interview if the question does not require an inquiry; Conversely, if the case requires further information, it will be answered within a standard time period of not more than 30 days.